Cosy n Dry

Your FAQ's

Q: Will I be sent a diagram if I order custom clothing ?

A: Yes you will. Nanny will send one to you by email showing all the measurements she would like from you.

Q: Is it better to wear a Nappy/diaper when I take my measurements ?

A: Yes Nanny would really appreciate this as without wearing one it will not reflect the true measurements.

Q: How should I wash my clothes ?

A: For most items of clothing it is strongly recommended that you wash and dry on a low heat setting.

Q: How should I wash terry nappies ?

A: These can be washed on a boil and dried in the tumble drier at a high heat setting. There will be some shrinkage (around a few inches) after the first few washes but then they should settle down.

Q: How should I wash plastic pants ?

A: It is not recommended to machine wash unless on a very low heat. Nanny recommends hand washing with a mild detergent and air drying.

Q: Will my babywear be sent in an unmarked bag/box ?

A: Yes it will. All Nanny’s parcels are sent in plain unmarked bags or boxes.