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Blue Two Piece Jersey Cotton Embroidered PJ Set

blue jersey cotton pj's with embroidery

We are introducing a range of pj’s with embroidery appliques.

The first one shown here is in a pale blue jersey cotton interlock. It is a great material for PJ’s as it is soft and stretchy and not too heavy for wearing during the summer. In fact it is the same material that we use for our onesies.

All feature white jersey ribbing cuffing to the neck wrist and ankles and of course the finishing touch is a large embroidered motif to the chest.

Approximate size of motif is 7 × 5 inches.

Over time we will be introducing lots of new embroidery designs to choose from and all in large sizes so watch this space.

Cute Duck Embroidery
yellow duck applique
Approx size 7 × 5 inches

Main Feature Are:

  • Two piece top and trousers jersey cotton pj’s
  • Soft Jersey ribbing to ankles wrist cuffs and neck
  • Embroidery design to chest
  • Elasticated waist to trousers
  • Deep crotch for little boys still in nappies/diapers

Like most of Nanny’s babywear we want to ensure that we give you an exact fit. Not all babies are the same size!! so by investing in a little time and effort we hope to provide you with clothing that fits well and will last.

If you like to order a pair click here and Nanny will email you a diagram for you to return with your measurements.

Price Including Options: £65.00