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Printed Cotton Interlock Onesies

green zoo onesie

At last you can have a onesie that fits you perfectly made to your exact size. From big big babies to little big babies Nanny will be sure to have a onesie that fits you.

There are quite a few adult onesies available these days from various suppliers around the world but here at Cosyndry we make our own British made onesies at our warehouse specially made to fit you.

In the past Nanny has received complaints from big babies that her “off the peg” onesies were either too long or too short. Not really Nanny’s fault since a good fit is determined by a baby’s upper body length and what type of nappies (diapers) the baby wears. For instance a thick cloth diaper will generally require a longer body length whereas a disposable diaper does not need any extra length.

Nanny is sure that you will agree that she has made the right choice in allowing her skilled team of babywear seamstresses to make made to measure onesies that will give all her babies a perfect fit every time.

The cost may be a little more than ones that are standard size fits but surely it is worth those few extra pennies to have one that is tailor made just for you.

There are lots of prints to choose from all made from baby soft cotton interlock the same material that is used for making real baby onesies.

Features include:

  • Stainless steel snap fastening crotch flap for easy nappy changes
  • Contrasting soft jersey ribbing
  • Short sleeves style

Green Zoo Adult Onesie
green zoo onesie

Close up of Green Zoo print
green zoo swatch

Smiley Brat Adult Onesie
smiley brat onesie

Standard crotch width on all custom made onesies is 10 – 12 inches (26 – 31 cm)

If you would like one made to measure to fit you then Nanny requests the following measurements:
onesies measurements diagram

Chest size
Body length measured over nappy from shoulder to crotch

Price Including Options: £30.99