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Locking Onesie

teddyface locking onesie - 5

If your big baby will not keep his diapers on then this locking onesie could be the answer.

It has been designed by Cosyndry to prevent big babies from removing their nappies/diapers because once your big baby is secured into it there is no chance he will be able to remove it ! Don’t even think about trying to wriggle out of the neck opening. It is just not wide enough. Ok for the neck but getting your body through that small opening, impossible.

Directions for use:

Fasten the onesie up in the usual way using the poppers. Now bring the two metal “D” rings together and put the lock clasp through them to secure. Now pull up the lock concealing flap and fasten to the velcro tabs and you are done.

For changing baby you must first undo the padlock then unfasten the velcro tabs and pull the flap down to reveal the poppers. Unfasten the poppers and change the nappy.

locking onesie close up 2
Showing lock concealing flap.

teddy face locking onesie - with flap
Close up showing flap fastened up

teddy face locking onesie - with flap down
Close up with flap down revealing padlock

Our locking onesies are only available in Teddy face prints.

Price including lock £39.99

Made to order in your size.

See diagram below for sizing
custom made onesie diagram - new

sleepy bears swatch
Sleepy Bears Swatch

Price Including Options: £39.99