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Pink Baby Pants With White Lace Frills

pink frilly baby pants - rear

Our new frilly pink baby pants have been exquisitely made by us to resemble real baby pants in as much detail as possible.

Inside they feature a white pu inner lining sewn at the waist and leg openings so that they are totally waterproof.

On the outside they are covered by a glittering pink nylon mesh with four layers of white lace frills sewn across the seat sewn to give that special baby look.
pink frilly baby pants - front
Front View

Features include;

  • Full cut baby pants with forward facing legs
  • Sewn in waist and leg elastics
  • Pink nylon net outer cover with 4 layers of frills across the seat
  • Deep sides
  • wide crotch

Style: Full cut
Full cut style will give plenty of room for wearing over either cloth or disposable nappies.

Pink with white lace frills across the seat

Made in regular sizes as follows; (See below)

Measurements to fit:

Sizing Small Medium Large Ex Large
Waist 28-32” 32-36” 36-40” 40-44”
Waist in cm 71-81 81-91 92-102 102-112
Sizing Small Medium Large Ex Large
Leg openings 23” 25” 26” 27”
Leg open cm 58.5 63.5 66 69
Sizing Small Medium Large Ex Large
Side Depth 8” 10” 10” 10”
Side depth cm 20 25.5 25.5 25.5
Sizing Small Medium Large Ex Large
Crotch width 8” 9” 10” 11”
Crotch in cm 20 23 25.5 28

XXL And Super Large Measurements

Sizing XX Lg Super Lg
Waist 44-48” 48-52”
Waist in cm 112-122 122-132
Sizing XX Lg Super Lg
Leg openings 28” 29”
Leg open cm 71 74
Sizing XX Lg Super Lg
Side Depth 11” 12”
Side depth cm 28 30
Sizing XX Lg Super Lg
Crotch width 12” 13”
Crotch in cm 30 33

pink frilly baby pants - pu lining
Interior showing White PU waterproof lining

If you have a naughty baby on your hands and you would prefer to have him in locking Frilly baby pants then please click HERE

Price Including Options: £30.00