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Printed Cotton Lined Play Pants

blue aeroplanes pants - a

We have a wide selection of baby prints available for these adorable play pants.

They feature a printed cotton outer with either a white pu lining or blue pvc inner lining so that they are totally waterproof.

The style is full cut with a generous hips width meaning that you can wear them over thick terry or cloth diapers or over disposable diapers. The inner lining is sewn at the waist and legs.

Play Pants sizing is as follows;
Measurements to fit:

Sizing Small Medium Large Ex Large
Waist 28-32” 32-36” 36-40” 40-44”
Waist in cm 71-81 81-91 92-102 102-112
Sizing Small Medium Large Ex Large
Leg openings 23” 25” 26” 27”
Leg open cm 58.5 63.5 66 69
Sizing Small Medium Large Ex Large
Side Depth 8” 10” 10” 10”
Side depth cm 20 25.5 25.5 25.5
Sizing Small Medium Large Ex Large
Crotch width 8” 9” 10” 11”
Crotch in cm 20 23 25.5 28

XXL And Super Large Measurements

Sizing XX Lg Super Lg
Waist 44-48” 48-52”
Waist in cm 112-122 122-132
Sizing XX Lg Super Lg
Leg openings 28” 29”
Leg open cm 71 74
Sizing XX Lg Super Lg
Side Depth 11” 12”
Side depth cm 28 30
Sizing XX Lg Super Lg
Crotch width 12” 13”
Crotch in cm 30 33

Baby prints available for our play pants are listed below. Please choose your favourite from the drop down menu.

Aeroplanes as featured in main product photo. These pants come with a blue pvc lining.

polka dot swatch
polka dots with white pu lining

pink bunnies and teddies - smaller swatch
pink bunnies and teddy bears with white pu lining

strawberries swatch
strawberry prints with white pu lining

pink and cream bears swatch

4C = cream with bears and hunny pots with white pu lining

jungle prints - dark blue cotton
Dark blue hippos lions and giraffe prints with blue pvc lining.

jungle prints white cotton
White hippos lions and giraffes with white pu lining.

jungle prints lt blue cotton
Blue hippos lions giraffes with blue pvc lining

blue nursery toys swatch
Blue nursery toys with blue pvc lining

rocket prints swatch
Rocket prints with white pu lining

rocket printed pants 5
Showing white pu inner lining

Price Including Options: £29.99