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Satin Or Gingham Baby Bonnets

satin or gingham baby bonnets

Our “special baby”, baby bonnets are available in either satin or gingham check. Just choose the material and colour you like from the drop down menu.

Gingham Bonnets
The gingham bonnets features a white lace face brim with two further lace frills. They fasten with a white satin ribbon tie.

Colour choices for Gingham Bonnets
gingham swatches lettered
A – Blue gingham check
B – Red gingham check
C – Lemon gingham check
D – Lilac gingham check
E – Pink gingham check

Satin Bonnets
The satin Baby Bonnets have a double white lace face brim that extends all the way around the bonnet including at the back. They tie under the chin with a white satin ribbon tie.

Colour swatches for Satin Bonnets
satin colours

Price Including Options: £19.99