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Terry Towelling Nappy 48" x 48"

single 48 X 48 terry nappy

Big babies will love these super soft thick terry towelling nappies.

For those new to terry towelling nappies they are a flat square of terry towelling with bound edges.

They need to be folded then pinned using nappy pins.

There are lots of folds you can use to get the best shape for you. See below for some popular folds.

These 48 × 48 inch nappies are suitable for anyone with a waist from 32” up to 44” . If you are a larger baby then try our 60 × 60 inch terries.

You will need to wear plastic pants with them. Nanny suggests that you size up from your normal waist size in order to give a roomy fit. for instance if you are a baby with a waist size of Large, then buy XL plastic pants.

Examples of Popular Nappy Folds

Kite Fold

Kite fold nappy diagram

Parallel Fold

paralell nappy fold

Chinese Fold

chinese fold nappy diagram

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